Professional Development

professional devWorkshops and Training Seminars

Who is this for?  — any school district personnel involved in recruitment, interview and selection of employees.  Suggested groups are principals, vice principals, trustees, managers, and senior leaders.

The points below are the essential features of a typical workshop:  

  • Identifying and Defining Selection Criteria
  • Inviting Applications
  • Screening Applications
  • Planning, conducting and evaluating the interviews
  • Other Selection Methods
  • Verifying References and Background
  • Making Selection Decisions
  • Making Employment offers
  • Legal Implications for Recruitment
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

How is this workshop delivered ? These are custom designed to match the needs of School Districts and can be offered on 1 ½ or 2 day workshops.  Each workshop can also accommodate for groups up to 30 in size. For more information regarding Executive Search, please contact Ron Pound,, Catherine Jagger,