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Being aware of your duties and responsibilities as an employer is critical in the hiring process.  These links will take you to important information you should know when commencing your recruitment process.

Human Rights in British Columbia

Under BC Provincial law, the Human Rights Code guarantees each individual equal rights and opportunities free from discrimination or harassment based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion or age.

 BC Employment Standards Act

The BC Employment Standards Act is legislation enacted by the Province of BC to describe the rights of working people and define the employers responsibilities to their employees in the areas of hiring, wages, hours of work, statutory holidays, leaves and jury duty, annual vacation, and termination.

BC Labour Relations Code

The BC Labour Relations Code is a provincial code that defines the relationship between the employer, the employee, and the collective agreement.

BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

 BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act defines the public body employers’ obligations around collection, use and disclosure of personal information.